What did he warnend icarus no to do


pamahiin or superstition, festive festivals, respect to elderlies ,pamamanhikan and only there similar values lang



1. happy - joy

2. beautiful - pretty

3. peace - quiet

3. fair - just

4. funny - hilarious

5. lucky- fortunate

6. rich - wealthy

7. kind - gracious

8. strong - stable

9. weak - puny

10. sad - gloom


1. happy - sad

2. rich - poor

3. sick - healthy

4. true - false

5. boy - girl

6. start - finish

7. long - short

8. big - small

9. pass - fail

10. alive - dead

Not to fly near to the sun cos it meltin he's wings due to the material of wax .
Not to fly too close to the sun

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