What are the personal challenges that icarus ang daedalus face ?


Icarus personal challenges are being  foolish, reckless while daedalus is when his son, Icarus Dies.
Icarus personal challenge is his playful manner that leads him to death because he forgot his father's instruction how to fly using the invented wings. On the other hand, Daedalus personal challenge is his talent and skills in invention and crafting that made him do a lot things without proper judgment of its advantage and disadvantages that sometimes puts him in trouble.
Icarus is a hard headedness, hostility, impetuousness, procastination, foolishness Daedalus envy, egocentricity, abuse of power and lack of contentment
Icarus disobeyed his father, Daedalus. He died because of his own fault.
Icarus died
Daedalus want to escape
Icarus being a hard-headed kid.
and i, not listening to my parents.
Daedlus created king minos a maze so complex that no body could escape from it
Daedalus created the labyrinth & that fact tells he is smart and truly a son of the wisdom goddess Athena . Another action he created wings for him and his son to escape in the labyrinth that tells that he is determine a creative.
Daedalus and Icarus are trapped in the Labyrinth and there is no way out. So they can escape, Daedalus made wings out of wax and feathers. But while flying, Icarus flew too high and died. (Sorry for the spoiler.)
1. abuse of power 2. self-destruction 3. foolishness 4. lack of contentment 5. aggressiveness 6. hard-headedness 7. impetuousness 8. hostility 9. pride 10. boastfulness 11. envy 12. pride 13. egocentricity 14. procrastination 15. compulsiveness 

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