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1.his greatest strength is playing lyre and his weakness islove
2.charm,he charm the cerberus and the boatman
3.because of his weakness and that is love
4.because he not trusted hade the god of underworld
5.i dont know
6.because gods want to test orpheus
7.because this is all about god
8.because his playing lyre can charm anyone helping them to become true there wishes
10.yes,because sometimes it myth the old mythological greek stories
11.the strenght can transform into weakness and weakness can be transform to strength

it means love doesn't develop instantly. you can't force someone to love you nor you can't force yourself to love instantly. love is steadily built on trust and respect which takes a ling time to earn. it's quite opposite from love at first sight, which is just infatuation, true love takes time.

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Telephone? i guess ^_^*

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