How can you recognize your roles in life


We sometimes ask ourselves what our real purpose in life? Well, each of us has different roles in life. We sometimes encounter a major life decision or we play the part where we only contribute to someone's big decision in life. But whatever role is that, what matters is, are you good with it or do you regret it?

How can someone do their role in life effectively, then? You don't need to be an adult to play this part. You, as a kid, your role is to give your parents an output that you are studying well in school. Parents don't need high scores or grades; they just want you, as much as possible, to pass all your subjects. Parents, on the other hand, have the role to support their children from all their needs. 

You don't need positions or power to act your roles. You just need to focus to that role and give your best shot to perform it. Just like the actors in every movie, if the characters of the movie affect you, then they must be effectively doing their roles. 

Get a job, do your best/work hard, stay happy, etc. :)

You can recognized it by, knowing or experiencing the different happenings in life and by trying some challenges you will encounter when it comes at your right age.

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