1.what kind of role in life put you in a happy mood?
2.what kind of role in life do you prefer/enjoy doing? you like best?


The role in life that i like the best is to be a comedian and befriend everyone.
I'm the best at what I do that's why I like being me.
Being the person who answers questions .-.
Being a student because you can learn and prepare for the future... you can also make friends
Being a daughter , dahil ang saya pagsilbihan ang mga pinakamamahal mong mga magulang :D 

kind of role in life that I enjoy doing is study well

1. It actually depends...If you are a mother you will be happy taking care of your children,loving your husband, working, etc. if you are a student, you will be happy if you have passing grades, if you excel in academics or sports,etc. If you already identified your role in life, everything that you do that is positive especially the things that you love the most or your passion can make you happy. 2. I like helping other people achieve something.
Anak ng.. sa Sped ba to nag-aaral?

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