Who is your inspiration and why? explain his/her qualities?


If that is for your homework, I think it is better to answer it yourself. A personal answer is required, not all of us experience the same situation. Good luck! (•̀o•́)ง
I think of my cousin(gay) who gave me inspiration in dealing w/ discrimination because even if he/she is a gay he find a way to containue his study w/out the financial support of his family. He work for to earn money to support his financial issues .. as of now he stop study for now and work as an callcenter agent to sustain his financial
I think my friend she gave me inspiration because she is not totally talented and she is being discriminate she used to it as a inspiration a challenge and now she is a top student in their class she is not talented of everything but she do her best to fight and to be confident..
He's My Inspiration Because He is Important Person And He is The Person That I Know A Person Who Always There For me Whenever You Go.A Person That Will stay By Your side.It's God.
For me, the person who gave me inspiration in dealing with Discrimination is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks is an african-american citizen who was forced to gave his seat to a white citizen but she refused and that breaks the Discrimination and Freedom between White and Black Americans. 

Thanks and respect


Thats my appointment


my inspiration to my study are GOD,AND MY FAMILY




because they are the one who suffer us just to be at the school


My insperation is GOD, and my family

My family, because they give me strength to do all the task and assignments in school, they're always on my side when I have a problem.

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