Me with what i expect /need/hope to learn in our new lesson..


You are the one that can answer that 
I need more hope to learned everything and to overcome my fears.
I expect to learn what is the real meaning of the word communication and what is the connection of that with arts in the subject English.. I also hope to learn what are the interesting literatures from other countries ...and not just that, I hope to learn how will our teacher teach us not just this subject but also about values that can be related to the lesson..  blah blah.. sorry bro!.. Wrong grammar.. hahaha..pero.. magimbento ka nalang ..
I expect that I will learn more about communications and making of research papers that can help me in my senior, college and my in my personal life.
Be nice to people showing some respect
A gorgon a monster agree or disagree
I think, And i expect that we  need to understand our new lesson

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