What kind of role in life..
a. interest you most?
b. helps put you a happy mood?
c. do you pufer/enjoying? you like best?


Roles in being myself, bringing up the best version of myaelf.
It's up to you. You question yourself
It's up to you, but mostly being a friend because you get to help your friends or being a student for you to know and learn new things everyday 
It depends... For me being a Youth or a Servant of Lord
It depends on you. But for me, being a good samaritan towards others is also a good idea :)
I like reading. Short stories interest me most. I can make a business based on my interest by making books and selling 'em.
An activity na hindi mo pa naita-try pero gusto mong subukan..

roles in life that interest me most is study hard because we need to study to a were future and a were parent

C.do yo pufer/enjoying?you like the best?

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