Role in life that i like best a daugther


The role in life that I like is A- being a son/daughter who will support my own family one day B- a friend that one can rely on
One of the my role in life that i like best is being a student, for it makes me realize what life really is.
A role in like I like best is being a friend that someone could trust and lean on

The kind of role in life that i like is the role of parents because as your kids grow up everyday you learn something about them and you also discover what are their likes and dislikes and ofcourse you support them.


being courteous in my classmate and of course being helpful in problem of my classmate.

Being a student, and a daughter.


I like both roles because I could learn a lot from it, these roles also helps me to become a better version of myself.

This is supposed to be your own answer. Ask yourself what are the things you like as a daughter.

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