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You'll find me in boar but not in bear


the letter 'o'


you cant find the letter o in bear but in boar

The answer is the letter "o"



because when you read bOar there is the letter O which is not in bEaR


I think 1?

I hope it helps

Example answer- Letter O

1. Letter G

2 Letter E


Use logic.

Basically, it's o


what what what what what


what what what whay

1. M

2. O

3. D

4. A

5. L

6. S


1. I am the first letter right.  


2. You'll find me in boar but not in bear.


3. I'm in the middle of ceiling.


4. You'll find me in ore but not in our.


5. I have the sound of sea.



You'll find me in BOAR not in BEAR... that is some kinda a riddle game.. and O is the answer.. 

Do you know the answer?

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