What are your talents or things that you can do well? give the reasons for your choices


What is role? Role isour part in our own story. What kind of role in life interests you most? It is being a musician. Because being a musician is also being happy to people who loves your music. What are your talents or thigs you can do well? It is being a intrument player. Because holding and playing an instrument is a great advantage to you. Everyone admires you when you're a musician.
Singing, because thats my hobby since I'm 3 years old
It is being a musician. Being a musician is great because people see your talents and they're happy when listening in your music. It's like I'm being proud of it and my parents are proud of it
I think. Im a good performer .. thats what i think for now
Cooking sleeping singing playing badminton and helping my mother some task
Because of your confedence to your self
A dancer, because a loved to dance that's why everyday I practiced to dance to performed my talent to dance very well
Eating because i love food

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