What are the personal challenges of the character are highlighted in the video nick vujicic?


Personal challenges. Well, first of all is not having both arms and legs. How can you manage to do things without it? Im not belittling him but Im stating the obvious. Right? In which because of that he got bullied. One of the problems in a teens life is BULLYING. And thats what happened in Nick's life. And also people made him feel so down to the point he really wants to give up but he didnt that was a very brave move.
Personal Challenges of Nick Vujicic

If you do not know who Nick Vujicic is, he is world know for being a inspiration to everyone who encounters him. Why? because He is able to live a normal life actually better than a normal life despite having disabilities. Yes Disabilities with S -  because he was born with no arms and limbs.  

Having known him through videos, I would list down some of the challenges that I heard him say he encountered.

1. Difficulty with doing normal daily activities.

Daily activities like:

EatingDrinkingTaking a bath Everything that involves movement through hands and feet2.  Studies

its obvious that Nick did not have a normal life because of his disability. Also to add to his suffering the countless bullying that he experienced from shallow people.

3. Having a normal family

Because of his condition it is difficult for him to have a family but God is all powerful. God heard his prayers when he was blessed with a beautiful wife and normal children. Truly God is faithful to those who are faithful to him.

Nick Vujicic's life is very hard and limiting because of his in-born disabilities, but he learned to accept and embrace and nurture the gift that God has given him. It's all in a matter of personal perception and faith that whatever God has entrusted to you we should use it as a blessing to everyone.

For more inspirational lessons from the life of Nick, read on the below links:



Nick Vijucic doesn't have arms ang legs but still he can do what he wanted to do. He find ways for him to experience those things.
His personal challenges are having no limbs (no arms and legs), the bullies he received back when he was young, and the inability to do the things he wants to do like skateboarding. I hope this helps :)
He's a disabled man, but despite of his situation didnt regret what happened to him

He's a physically challenged person.

Daedalus' personal challenge is his talent and skills in invention and crafting that made him do a lot things without proper judgment of its advantage and disadvantages that sometimes puts him in trouble.

Icarus' personal challenges are his inability to think clearly because of three things, his pride, his stubbornness, and his lack of levelheadedness.

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Who is Nick Vujivic?

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