need to review the different sounds by accomplishing this activity first Activity 2 Directions: Look at the pictures below. Write the name of the pictures you loow with their corresponding sounds 1. 2. 69 863 3 7 L​


It is used after a word or phrase whose appropriateness is in doubt, in other words, if you're asking a question.

typhoon haiyan cause and effect paper. typhoons are known for their catastrophic damage to people, to homes, to economies, to government, and to the land they touch. one major concern that super typhoon haiyan “yolanda” caused are the climate and terrain change. this year's typhoon season has been bizarre.


1.i characterize my self as lack of confidence to communicate to others but i hope i would over come it in the future

2. being me.. i don't know

3.because of my mistakes. and learning from it make me a better person

4.b'cuz of our soul, without soul our body is imperfect

5.if i die my body will rot and my soul will go to heaven or anywhere

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