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Go for it.


Its a yes By the way date lol

It enhances the performance ability of the students.
The  philosophy  of  friendship. more important still, to be in such afriendship  and to seek out the good of one's friend is to exercise reason and virtue, which is the distinctive function of human beings, and which amounts to happiness.
According to the lyrics of the song "river of dreams" by billy joel, the speaker faces four mains issues, the faith, fear, doubt and truth. for me, the issue that he values the most is the truth. why? as you can see on the first five verses of the song, despite of the mountains of faith, valley of fear, jungle of doubt that he encountered, he faced all of that fears to find that 'something' that he was looking for. even though he's not sure about a life after all of this things, he still continued until he found what he was looking for. i hope that this answer helped you. : )

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