Determine which verbs in the following paragraph should be changed from the passive to the active voice. Rewrite
those sentences.
Rockets were invented by the Chinese about A. D. 1000. Gunpowder was packed into bamboo tubes and
ignited by means of a fuse. These rockets were fired by soldiers at enemy armies and usually caused panic. In
thirteenth-century England an improved form of gunpowder was introduced by Roger Bacon. As a result, rockets
were used in battles and were a common— although unreliable—weapon. In the early eighteenth century a
twenty-pound rocket that traveled almost two miles was constructed by William Congreve, an English artillery
expert. By the late nineteenth century thought was given to supersonic speeds by the physicist Ernst Mach. The
sonic boom was predicted by him. The first liquid-fuel rocket was launched by the American Robert Goddard in
1926. A pamphlet written by him anticipated almost all future rocket developments. As a result of his pioneering
work, he is called the father of modern rocketry.


Learn can come from anything.

if i were the in any i will do the same thing. why? because turtle is slowly but surely. they may not fast in land but in sea they were fast. it reflect to us human that we need to havee patience in order to be successful. we are bad at some things but we are good in different areas in life.there is no shortcuts in life. we need to go whatever it takes. nobody can stop just do !

tite ko malaki sabi nila malaki daw eh pag kasukat ko 1 inches plaa!


1. when tomorrow comes, i'll be on my own.

2. feeling frightened of the things that i don't know.

3. stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight. you're getting me through the night.

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