21st century literary genres


Well i can say that the details aids a lot in comprehending the speech better because the more you know,the more you become. 
Beginning: one day eddie saw his sister beating his dog with a stick, he felt hate like a caged, angry beast in his chest. he could not cry to his sister because she had a weak heart. he recalled the things his sister did to him. for eddie, his sister, delia was the meanest creature he knew. he remembered when he was furiously hit by his sister when she learned that the leg of her doll was accidentally torn by him.   middle: nothing eddie did ever pleased her. destroying willfully anything he liked had become a habit for her. she even told berto to kill his monkey because it snickered at her one morning, while she was brushing her teeth. eddie did not tell anything when she told father that she did not like eddie's pigeon house because it stank and he had to give away his pigeons and berto had to chop the house into kindling wood.   end: eddie got a big centipede that berto found under the stack he chopped. he made sure that it was dead and placed it in a white cloth. he unwrapped and threw it on the lap of his sister whom he hated so much. his sister collapsed. her voice dragged off into a painstaking moan. eddie was engulfed by a sudden feeling of pity and guilt. he cried kneeling before her, telling her that the centipede was dead.

• The readers usually interpret the provided images in order to completely understand the story, because almost 50% of the narration is presented without words.

Graphic Novel

• A literary genre in which the narration of the story is conveyed through a sort of comic representation.


• Digi fiction is known to have the three combination of media, the book, internet and video.

• Spectators must immerse themselves in reading, viewing and navigation all at the same moment.





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