Do you believe that decision should be structured?​


The answer is letter d. cropped

the poet gives us a hint that she didn't love him (it was a false pity)  

normally when a person hits an arrow,, he bends the bow and releases the arrow  

but when its unbent,, he cant release the arrow  

but here, the wound is already given by the false love  

so the poet is trying to convey the following message  

its a wound of love  

even if the bow(cupid's) is unbent now,,the wound bleeds on  

the wound of love is dangerous than a physical wound  

he showed us how much he loved her and how much pain he felt after that

Yes, A decision might affect your entire life changes

When making a decision, we should have at least think twice before we click.

Here are some guidelines when making a decision

Imagine your self in that situation.Consider you are in the situation after many years.What would be the effect on the others?It is better than what you have right now?What would be the benefits for you?Are you willing to take the risk?Are you ready for the changes?Are you ready to fail?Always set plan b in case of plan A fails.Do not decide when you are angry.Do not commit when you are happy.

STRUCTURE is organized and well-arranged.

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Decision making


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