What is the adverbial infinitive phrase in this sentence?My grandfather is not afraid to grow old which is evident in his positive disposition.


1. unremarkable ideas or at least ideas that aren't good.
2. i have no idea
3. i also don't know
4. pilgrimage is like an adventure set out to find your spiritual significance, it can also be metaphorical.
5. this is an adjective, it means breathtaking, exciting, or elevating.
6. can be used as a term for infinite.
7.    a stack of stones made by humans
8.  i'm not sure but i think that it's like the positive effects after a battle.
1. where are the keys?
2. wolves are scary.
3. we have four calves.
4. here in the philippines, you can find freshly picked strawberries at baguio city.
5. in england, they use trolleys/trollies for transportation. (not sure because i've seen some use trollies)
6. in our house, you can find handkerchiefs/handkerchieves lying around. ( both are correct, dictionary wise)
7. please cut the apple into halves.
8. if you look at our city in a bird's eye view, you would see many red roofs.
Shynessa. leads people in to developing anxiety and fear of communicating in different c

if you were ka ponso, how would you react if you read the letter of julio? why?

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