What were the things that you were able to develop during the pandemic? ​


With this lockdown, I was able to realize how I waste completely my time with social media. I've been too attracted to social media that it even destroyed my mental health. As I go through my feed in every social media I have, I tend to question myself and comparing myself. All these perfect bodies of girls made me more insecure of how I was created. Now, I been taking my time out of social media and trying to focus on myself. I've been reading, I've been trying studying apps, I've been dancing, I've been spending more time with my family. In other words, I am doing what I love to do. This probably is the best feelings ever. For all the girls or boys that are imsecure because of this social media thing, I suggest you take your time off. Delete the app or simply just log off. Make time for yourself and spend time with your families!

my relationship towards my family and God


During this pandemic, i am able to have a meal with my whole family, bond with them, laugh with them, share what i feel to them, and pray with them. And then my relationship to God also has developed since the first month of the lockdown. I have my time to talk to God often unlike the normal day where I can't talk to him that much because Im busy. But this time, I talk to Him everytime I want and I learned that we need to give some time to talk to Him, to thank him for having these things we have, to appreciate His kindness and stuffs.

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