States around the country are slowly beginning to reopen their economies and lift restrictions. Some throughout the country argue that this is a good thing, while others emphasize the risks involved in returning to normal too quickly.

Do you think reopening the economy at this time is a good idea? Or, do you think that states should take more time before they reopen? Explain it
Help me please


maraming araw dahil hindi basta basta makakagawa ng compost pit sa isang araw lamang,dahil dapat planado ito dapat hindi naaabot ng baha .

hey! how are you? my name is maria, 19 years old.   yesterday broke up with a guy, looking for casual sex.

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my nickname - lovely




so yeah

answer: wala akong alam about sa ml but about bts,

1. jimin is as cute as a mochi

2. bts is as precious as a gold

3. suga's rapping is as fast as how my heart beats for him (hehe)

4. jin laughs like a windshield being wiped (lol)

5. i love bts as much as how i love my family


d ko alam yung death monkey haha

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