What is external and internal syllabus?


The  meaning  of the poem, however, is a bit of a mystery. the word "lost" in the first line likely means  lost  in the religious sense--a  lost  soul.  if those  emily loved were lost  souls, news of their sins would eventually become common knowledge around town, perhaps announced by the village crier.
Nebular hypothesis  is a  theory  which states that the whole solar system starts as a large cloud of gas that contracts under self-gravity. 

the other one is the protoplanet hypothesis, it is similar with the nebular theory but its more elaborated.

planetisimal and tidal theories

not sure with the info for the third one.


the examples of opening and closing speech:

opening speech:

good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen. it is my honor and previlage to conduct this special (name of the occasion). and now i am in here to talk about my (your speech)

closing speech:

thank you for your wonderful patience. and thats all for today. thank you for listening.

(that is the way of speech for me, but its your own decision if you want to add something : ) )

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