Before Einstein (learn) answer
to talk, his parents (suspect) answer
him of being mentally handicapped.

Albert Einstein (work) answer
in a patent office before he (become) answer
famous for his work on “Theory of Relativity.”

Einstein (work) answer
in Prague before he (teach) answer
at the Polytechnic Academy in Zurich.

By the end of 1880s, Louis Pasteur (already begin) answer
his experiment on immunization and bacteria before Alexander Fleming (discover) answer

By the time that Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre Curie, (Discover) answer
radium, they (already experiment answer



This is a lesson on past, present and future tenses.


(learn) = learned (suspect) = suspected (work) = worked(become) = became(work) = worked(teach) = taught(already begin) = began(discover) = discovered (discover) = discovered(already experiment) = already experimented

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