How deep is
your level of comprehension?​


Reading comprehension is the ability to process information that we have read and understand its meaning. This is a complex process with three levels of understanding: literal meaning, inferential meaning, and evaluative meaning. Literal meaning is what the text describes as happening in the story


Four Levels of Comprehension

Using the reading strategies of inferring, re-reading and consulting a reference we will deepen our understanding of how to effective

Level 1 – Literal – Stated facts in the text: Data, specifics, dates, traits and settings

Level 2 – Inferential – Build on facts in the text: Predictions, sequence and settings

Level 3 – Evaluative– Judgement of text based on: Fact or opinion, validity, appropriateness, comparison, cause and effect

Level 4- Applied– Response to a text based on: Author’s language, values, imagery, style and purpose

How deep is your level of comprehension?

Perhaps I am in between or just mediocre, my comprehension or my ability to understand is neither good nor bad.

Just like in this case, I can clearly understand the given question, I barely even think what the question indicates because at the very moment I saw this question, my brain quickly recognizes what the given question means and what it is all about.

Let's say for example, I, myself is a reader of "young adult" novels and I hardly struggle to understand every words in the story, because my fundamentals in grammar and my vocabulary is not so good nor bad. This means my ability to understand is at an average level.




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