What are the reasons behind the opera ghost revengeful streak?



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CHINA. JAPAN. Nasyonalismo para sa bansa, nasyonalismo para sa bayan.

Damdaming makabayan, sa Inang Bayan ng Tsina at Japan.

Iisa China, iisang bansa. Iisang Japan, iisang bayan.

Laban para sa demokrasya! Laban para sa Tsina! Laban para sa kalayaan! Laban para sa Japan!

Ang kayamanan ng pagkakilanlan, kailanma'y mamamayani sa Tsina at Japan.



C. Polygenic inheritance

B.Multiple Allelism


All great literature is well written, but not all that is well written is great literature. In other words, there are many books which are good but not great—and many of these are worth reading for several reasons. Chief among these is that reading is enriching even when it is entertaining, and recreational reading should be stimulating rather than stultifying, for all literature worth reading infuses pulp with some soul.




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