DETERMINING SENSORY IMAGES. Choose the letter of the phrase that does NOT appeal to the same sense as

that of the boldfaced phrase. Write the letter of your answer on the space before each number.

1. Continuous as the stars that shine

a. Moon’s wet silver pool c. sapphires gleaming brightly

b. Pine-scented grass d. flickering fireflies

2. The gurgle of the water in the fountain

a. The patter of little feet c. the full blast of moonlight

b. The melody of rain d. the squeak of spinning wheels

3. Gentle swaying of the bamboo

a. Rain pouring down from the roof c. candlelight flickering and casting shadows

b. Curls of smoke rising lazily from the chimney d. the widespread glow of sunset

4. Chocolate, ice cream and apple pie

a. Many sweet thoughts and sugared suppositions c. tang of salt spray

b. Green mangoes with bagoong d. ice cold orange juice, newly mixed

5. Perfume, roses and baking bread

a. Burning flesh filling the air c. smoke of their cooking

b. Apple blossoms filled the air d. barbecue and roast-a roasting

6. Wet grass between my toes

a. The gentle and healing peace of the place c. the scorching flame

b. The piercing rays of the noonday sun d. light wind upon my face

7. The murmuring of the bees

a. The droning of the plane c. the singing of the birds

b. The trusting look of her brown eyes d. the swashing wind among the branches

___8. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

a. A cry of tossing trees c. disarray of old fashioned trees

b. Splashing silver seas d. lowing of the herd​


Ice cream Chocolate with Apple pie

yes of my wan tu trri


kase kamukha mo yung milo sa zoo

This pie has a filling that's sweet, bitter, and just a little savory, a crust that shows off technical skill and a love for good old butter, and something classic yet subtly original melting all over everything.


The ice cream is very sweet but balances out the sour and bitter flavors in the pie filling very well. If you're making it on its own, or even subbing a sweeter apple (I'd recommend golden delicious) then reduce the sugar to 1 or even 3/4 cup.

Mix them together to make a delicious meal


For meal QwQ

I do know

Step-by-step explanation:

but for me my answer is B).many sweets thoughts

im sorry if im wrong if im correct plss give 1heart

chocolate ice cream and apple pie

b. completly wet and icy cold

1. B. Pine-scented grass

2. C. The full blast of moonlight

3. D. The widespread glow of sunset

4. A. Many sweet thoughts and sugared suppositions

5. C. Smoke of their cooking

6. A. The gentle and healing peace of the place

7. B. The trusting look of her brown eyes

8. C. Dissaray of old fashioned trees

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