Why must we change our paradigm to that of “de-development”?


We need to change our paradigm of growth and consumption to that of  "de-development" for us to have a sustainable economy worldwide.


According to scientists, our growth is very fast. It is increasing that this planet that we are living and its resources might not sustain us in the years to come. On the other hand, countries around the globe doesn't have fair economy. Some are at the average point, others are in the lowest while some are also at the peak of its progress. Since today, the idea of growing faster is equivalent to change which is constant, we cannot stop the population growth anymore. The only thing which we need to do is accept it and create better strategies to suffice our needs. And in this part, the idea of de-development comes in. What is de-develoment then? It is the idea of gearing each countries economy towards equality and not quantity. The idea of creating a sustainable planet for everyone by cutting excess consumption to cater to the needs of others. Through selfless sharing and giving and steady economy, we are gearing up towards sustainable future. A future where no country is left behind and food and resources are enough and available for everyone.

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We must shift to a paradigm of growth because we don't want our country or an organization be deteriorated with state of dis-improvement and anything would fall to a hopeless situation. The de-development would cause one to be disabled with opportunities, growth, and success.

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