A guest was complaining about your inability to pick up the soiled bedding in his room. You knew about it but the cause of your delay was due to a late fellow who delegated his cleaning assignment to you because he was not feeling well. Give your solution to avoid such conflict at the workplace​


For me, I think I will pick up first the soiled beddings because this is what assigned first for me before I go with the cleaning assignment delegated for me beacuse my co workers did not feeling well. Another way is, I will ask my another co worker that if ok to him that he is the one who pick up the soiled beddings because he already there.



Finish the work preparation double time. Multi task, while showing the guest's your hard working. Make the guest transfer to a (better) room, make him/she feel comfortable. There won't be any conflict if you don'r complain back. At least the guest isn't violent.

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