What can you say about living through a pandemic?


It’s definitely terrifying but it’s a learning experience and will help with other experiments for researchers, doctors and scientists so that we could prevent something like this to happen again in the future. In the future this pandemic will be one of them many in the history and science books.


Living through pandemic is stressful. Fear and anxiety can't be helped and be overwhelmed about the new disease. It's hard not to worry about your own health and your loved ones. But because of the pandemic, you can take care of your friends and your family an it can be a stress reliever. Communicating and reaching out with your family can help you and your loved ones feel socially connected, less lonely, or isolated.



I can say, that this pandemic is sometimes hard because when you want to buy things its hard because, you will have to wear a face mask/sheild. but still we need to obey the laws because it is right and just to keep us safe

all i can say is it's very difficult


Because of the pandemic that is happening today many people need food. second, because of the pandemic that is happening today we will have difficulty buying food supplies in case our supply runs out. Third, we need to be careful to prevent us from being infected. And finally, many Filipinos still come to terms with their lack of financial support.

From this pandemic, we can really learn a lot of things. Athough it could have bad things and good things.

We can learn to do lifeskill (clean up home) , cooking and so on.

And we also can have more time with our family.

We must be optimistic so that we can live in happiness.

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