Aside from Baldoâs description that Maria was beautiful, what other incident could prove that Maria was indeed beautiful on the story on how my brother leon brought home wif?


His talent and skills in invention and crafting that made him do a lot things without proper judgment of its advantage and disadvantages that sometimes puts him in trouble.
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one of the three perilous encounters that perseus experience during his adventure is when he was asked to kill medusa, the beast with snakes as hair that will turn everybody who stares at the snakes into stones. the other one is when perseus stole the eyeball from the gray women and hostaged it in exchange for the location of the nymphs of the north. it was also a perilous experience when he had to fight and kill the serpent who is going eat and kill andromeda.

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if there were no intellect there would be no will.  

if you don't know anything you will not have a goal to achieve  

no one would anything without knowing a tthis has something to do with thinking and acting. "intellect" is associated with thinking and "will" is with acting. if you don't think, you'll not be able to act for something. through our ideas we're able to create great things and give solutions to the necessities this world have. scientists and inventors are good examples of this. just imagine how people would be able to survive with their constantly changing needs if no one has to think of it. with that comes the will.. the will to act upon what they think.

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