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Our government has declared safety measures and precautions in order just to care for the country men and to keep it safe. And we can't do anything about it. Some are babbling, ranting into social media not understanding how our Government tried to this an effort for the country.

My experience during the current CoViD-19 lockdown is sorrowful. I've been having a lot of things on my mind lately, i overthink about stuffs i shouldn't. I feel sad over everything. First, I feel unhappy because I'll just be staying at home(doesn't mean i disagree about the lockdown), i won't be able to socialize and have with friends and classmates at school, you know you'll realize school is fun when it's over, but very tiring when you're on it. I feel sad I can't go wherever I wanna be and hangout with some peers anytime I want to. On my home, it feels boring. You know it because the routine keeps back like a cycle. Do the house chores, cook, eat, sleep, surf on the internet, something like that. While worrying what worst could possibly happen? Everything is cancelled, even churches. So what we did with my family we just do evening and morning devotionals, church service at home when it's sabbath day, praying for everything to stop and make it normal. Hoping every minute, everyone is safe and is able to handle anything.

Therefore, I could say that this enhanced community quarantine is a good decision to make for all the people. Because it ensures the safety of the people, not just that it also makes our environment less polluted because our nature is now free from all the crowd finally can breath out  through itself.

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Well, if you’re anything like me, the past few weeks have brought upon a lot of devastating change, confusion, and frustration. In the wake of COVID-19, I think we all are experiencing loss. Whether that’s loss of precious community time, jobs or finances, or even loss of our plans we had previously made, we all are going through a time where loss and pain are at the forefront of our minds. For me personally, my loss at this time is the end of my senior year. Never would I have imagined the culmination of my formal education would be like this. However, there has been an overwhelming sense of peace that only God can bring about in this time. I know it is only through His power and guidance that I am getting through this and I hope I can provide you with some of that same encouragement and peace.

The Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) was upheld by the government that requires the people in every community to stay at home.  It is used as a mean to aid in the containment and the control of the widespread of the corona virus (which is also referred to as the COVID-19).

It is medically forecasted that when the ECQ is taken seriously and the people will strictly cooperate, the virus will have a lesser probability of spreading even more.  However, since the ECQ was elevated, it created much chaos between the government and its people.

The more that the ECQ was strengthened, the more that the people resisted to the government.  Its main objective, which is to control the spread of the virus, was seen as an opportunity for other agenda such as the implementation of the Martial Law.

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COVID-19 is the reason behind ECQ


Because many people got the virus and the government think how to briefly stop the getting of the virus

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