Asample saves tie compared to doing a complete census which requires more time?

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a cheerful wife is the spice of life. strauss, emanuel (1998). concise dictionary of european proverbs (abbreviated routledge. p. 20. isbn 0415160502.. a good mind possesses a kin...Read More
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the importance of literal language is to directly convey your thoughts without being misinterpreted. the imporatance of figurative language is to enhance your creativity in conveyi...Read More
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answer:You 're probably not going to give the kind of  speech in the movies you watch, but that's a good thing.  Good school speech will earn the respect  of both your teachers and...Read More
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answer: after 5 days, they told what they witnessed and everyone couldn't believe it. ugh-gluk kept on saying that it was witchcraft because she is against keesh. the two spies tel...Read More
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He slays tybalt and leaves as the prince approaches. benvolio explains the fight to prince escalus who declares that because  romeo  has killed in revenge he will be ...Read More
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answer:Freedom is fundamental because you have the right to follow your beliefs, question things, listen to different viewpoints, speak your mind, join others in forming groups to...Read More
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