What are the defferences of the invisivility and stereotyping and imbalance and selectivity

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answer: what is the meaning of christmasevery december 25 people especially christians celebrate, because it is said to be jesus christ's birthday.on christmas day people should be...Read More
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The main conflict in Shirley Jackson's most famous short story, "The Lottery", is Man vs. Society. She is criticizing tradition and how people are stuck in their ways even if it is...Read More
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As for me, the realization I get from the picture is that we soar if we are educated.  Education can be our stepping stone in achieving great things in life. Explanation:...Read More
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ang mga kilalang search engine ay: googleyahoobingaskyun lang po ang aking mga nalalaman. sana makatulong ito sa iyo. happy studying : )...Read More
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