As a student, what can you do in order to help or assist people​

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English, 28.10.2019, hajuyanadoy
answer: the national anthem of south korea is "aegukga". aegukga is the answer.explanation: aegukga", the translation in english is "the patriotic song", is the national anthem of...Read More
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English, 28.10.2019, snow01
answer: yesexplanation: based on research, women are generally assumed to be more talkative than men. data were analyzed from 396 participants who wore a voice recorder that sample...Read More
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hey! how are you? my name is maria, 19 years old.   yesterday broke up with a guy, looking for casual sex.write me here and i will give you my phone number - **my nickname -...Read More
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1my mother gave me 1000 pesos to buy my project i spend 400 pesos how much is your change  2 my aunt give me 100 while my mother give me 1000 i spend 300 how much is my money...Read More
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