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read the excerpt from act 1 of the monsters are due on maple street.

41. different angle – the group 41.

as they suddenly start toward the house. in this brief fraction of a moment they take the first step toward performing a metamorphosis that changes people from a group into a mob. they begin to head purposefully across the street toward the house at the end.

which element of drama is highlighted in this stage direction?







Its because there are the characters and where the story happened

Characters: Jonathan
Jonathan’s friends

Places: floor
Distracted by his own treachery.








Nakapagsagot ka na ba nito?

Mark Mathabane is an African boy who experienced racism at his young age. He was able to experience the cruelty of the world to point that he no longer wants to go to school. Fortunately, his mother is a high spirited woman. She pushed him to study and finish his education for she believed that education is the best way to be succesful.

The thought of killing himself did enter his mind but his mother's undying support and advise made him realize that he can do it.

His mother was right, he had his scholarship in secondary. He also discovered his skills in tennis one time when his grandmother let him have a used racket. He became very good in tennis and got him a big opportunity. A lot of people saw his perseverance and skills that even the people in high position supported him.

More information about the story here:


Mary Grace Cantillo



I think Settings because the statement is more in the place ex. of the house, into a mob, house at the end etc.

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