Reflection of "the song of roland"​


The reflection for this song is we have to prepare ourselves from the things that might happen unexpectedly. Because people are close to each other, it's so easy to talk and talk about things not just about them but also about other people. And for this reason the stories spread more and more to more people. And it may not be true most of the time.

A reflection on the poem "Song of Roland" and how I connect it to everyday life:  


A reflection on the poem "Song of Roland" and how I connect it to everyday life:

The poem "Song of Roland is about a knight who fights for glory.

How I relate this poem to everyday life?

Life itself is a battle. Some say that life is a battle of the fittest. Survival of the fittest. In order for us to battle our daily life, we should be a knight and a soldier. Let me connect this to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. At the moment, the world is fighting an unseen enemy, the coronavirus. Everyone is considered a soldier now. The people who are on the frontlines are the health practitioners (doctors and nurses). They are considered to be our knights now because they are the ones battling the enemy inside the hospital. They are the ones taking care of our sick families and friends. Even you who is reading this who is staying at home, you are also considered a soldier because just by staying home, you prevent the virus from spreading.

Let us be a knight and soldier in our daily life. We fight to battle the enemy. We fight for a common good.  We fight to live.

Read a situation here when and where soldiers are deployed -


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