Poem about teacher's using simile and metaphor ☺️


The word TEACHER is eight letter

but millons of sacrifices

they teach you in good way

and not in the bad way

Teachers are keys

That unlock the student's mind.

You are guides who mold our mind.

You are one of a kind.

O aming mga guro salamat sa inyong lahat sa pagtuturo sa amin kahit kami ay makulit salamat sa diyos at kayo ay nilikha niya Salamat po

I love my Teacher

She's the one who teach me

How to solve without him/her

I would never learn

without him/her

I would never succeed in life

she/he is my second parent

she/he the one who told me how to be a good person

she/he is my hero

my teacher is necessary in life


teachers are just like chickens teaching

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