What is education? ( in your own words) 4 sentences


short story about unity diversity:

ms. fox was really disappointed in her students. they were all beautiful, brave and capable. but each was so proud of his or her achievements that they did not care about the others. everyday they would come to jungledom, the best school in the district, and wreak havoc. rabbit was proud of his quick speed, nightingale was proud of her sweet voice, tiger was proud of his sharp claws, snake was proud of his poisonous fangs and so on. ms. fox was upset with this attitude of theirs. she tried to teach them that every person had a place and a purpose in life and only if they worked together would the world be a happy place. but in vain.

then one day while they were deep in the forest, fighting amongst themselves, they fell into a hunter's trap. all except rabbit.

loc.cit (latin, short for loco citato, meaning "in the place cited")

in oed it is loc.sit

1.) In my own words, education is the key to succes.

2.) Process facilitating learning.

3.)The acquisition of knowledge.

4.)Divided into such stages as preschool or kindergarten,primary school, secondary school, and lastly college.

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