What is the positive effect of extra judicial killings


The public will lose trust in the government and its justice system.
I think many are rather misinformed on the drug problem in this country, spread around by the news agencies who never let the truth get in the way of a good story - especially on the subject of extra-judicial killings.

The government is not killing people and dumping their bodies on the street (the ones you see photos of with a placard round their necks), those are the drug syndicates bumping off anyone they consider needs bumping off. Even the President didn’t realise the extent of the drug culture here, which has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people who have got involved in it by being ensnared by the cartels. They persuade you to try it in order to give you a “lift” out of your daily drudgery or unemployment. It’s free, you can have as much as you like - great isn’t it? Then comes the rub - “Just take this package to so-and-so on Magsaysay street Jimmy, and the guy there will pay you for it. Great little earner, only to find that your daily fix is no longer free, you have to earn it. You can imagine the spiral that puts you into (it has happened in my family, so I know).

The government (ie the police) may only shoot back if they are shot at or the suspects try to evade them. As the president says: “A policeman’s life is of more value than a drug baron’s” and I don’t think there are many of us in this world - apart from drug barons, holier-than-thou human rights activists and bleeding-heart Liberals - who would disagree with that statement. The police have no need to kill people and dump them in the streets, though it may happen in isolated cases where the policeman/men are corrupt themselves.
Alston: Extrajudicial killings have a corrosive effect on civil society and political discourse… Home Kasama 2007 V21n1 Alston: Extrajudicial killings have a corrosive effect on civil society and political discourse… Alston: Extrajudicial killings have a corrosive effect on civil society and political discourse…
Actually madami. Kaso madami nga eh kaya di ko maisa-isa
- Criminals disobeying the law are now being punished
- Civilians will feel safer (unless you're a drug addict)
- Our country being safe is 10x higher than last year
- Decrease in crime rate
You can get rid of the lengthy processes of judiciary. However, if you would look at it seriously, there is no such thing as positive effect of EJK. 

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