What do you think was the biggest contribution of your society to you as a person?


Human rights, because  we have the rights and privilege of being a person in the society

well as of me, my biggest contribution is whenever I actively participate in every programs or activities that our community holds.

hope it will help you guys, lovelots


The biggest contribution of my self in my family is that I am a good daughter/son. I help in our houseold chores and also study hard. Whenever I'm with my family, I make them happy. I give them gifts, even if it's just simple, for thanking them for guiding me through all these years I'm with them. I'm also studying hard so that when I grew up and graduated college, I would find a job and I will give them a good life. Buy them a house and help my other siblings with their tuition in school. Just by existing, I know they are happy that I'm in the family. There is a reason why I was born. And that is to love and help them. That is the biggest contribution of myself.

my biggest contribution to my community is to discipline the other people to do a good work and of course my self too

For me my biggest contribution on my community is that I always participate in Every community activities and support the government from their advocacies to improve our community.


Salamat po God bless


By revealing the trust by the same time with your friends and be kindi to them biggest achievement too!

1. Healthy society which they can feel that they're not alone. People need a healthy society who can make them and turn them to be an optimistic one.
2. For me, society is important `cause I know that I can't live without others. I need others and they need me too.
3. Compose a law? I don't need to create a new one but to use a law about bullying instead. We don't need to make and make and make so many laws here in our country especially if the other law are being ignored. We should apply the existing law first before creating a new one.
4. No. As I have said in number 2, people or we can't live without others.
(Hanggang dito na lang muna. Kung may wrong grammar, pasensiya na. Gusto ko lang sanayin at magpractice na mag-English speaking.)
It helps me to be a good citizen of the Republic of the Philippines.

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