Are the finance records, ledgers, and journals that compose the company's accounts.

select one:

a. book of accounts

b. cash payments journals

c. cash receipts journal

d. subsidiary ledger


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The correct answer among the above listed choices is letter b. Recording interest expense has an effect to decrease equity.

Interest Expense

-it is the cost of borrowing money to an entity in a specified period of time. Interest is usually running every day but usually paid monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually depending on the agreement.

-this is recorded as a non-operating expense in the income statement.

The interest expense formula is:

Interest expense = (Days during which funds were borrowed ÷ 365 Days) x Interest rate x Principal

Interest Expense will usually

increase expenseeither increase liabilities or decrease assetsdecrease owners' equity

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Dahil nakabatay sa pamahalaan kung ano ang ibebenta sa isang bansa. command kasi inuutusan sila ng pamahalaan.
A. Book of Accounts is the answer

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