Anong buwan itinatanim ang pipino, gabi, melon, papaya, mani at paminta

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1.perishable2.non-perishable3.non-perishable4.non-perishable5.perishable6.perishable7.non-perishable8.non-perishable9.perishable10.perishableExplanation:di ko sur e ung iba kas e d...Read More
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Economics, 14.11.2019, enrica11
NoExplanation:Inventories is NOT categorized as a liability because it is a resource/s that is owned businesses, not owes. Inventories are the raw materials, goods-in-process, or f...Read More
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Economics, 14.11.2019, Rosalesdhan
yan po ung akinExplanation:Social entrepreneurs often grapple with the decision of whether to establish their organizations as nonprofit or for-profit in order to reach their goals...Read More
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No, accounts payable is not an asset. It is a liability.In accounting, accounts payable are the obligations of the business to pay its credit to where she creditted. Since it is an...Read More
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Ang ekonomiks ay isang agham panlipunan, pinag-aaralan nito bawat kilos ng isang lipunan. Tao at lipunan ang sentro ng pag-aaral ng ekonomiks dahil ang isang lipunan ay binubuo ng...Read More
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Economics, 21.11.2019, nelspas422
LiabilitiesIn accounting, liabilities are the resources that a company owes to another company or people.Two types of liabilityCurrent liability - liabilities that must be paid wit...Read More
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