Economic impact of garbage?


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a. current asset


In accounting, prepayments are payments made in advance just like prepaid rents where the prepaid resource will be consumed later on by the business. It is usually classified as a current asset as most of prepayments are consumed within 1 year or the normal operating cycle of the business.

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In accounting, assets are the resources that a company owns and has monetary value.

Two types of asset:

Current asset - assets that are usable or convertible to cash within a year or operating cycle of a business.

Non-current asset - assets that can't be used or converted to cash within a year or operating cycle of a business.Examples of current asset:Cash and cash -on- of non-current asset:LandEquipment/MachinesIntangible assets




The main impacts created by solid waste pollution are health impacts, environmental impacts like contamination of surface and ground water due to indiscriminate dumping of wastes and the formation of leachate, economic impacts like land price decrease and social impacts like disamenity effects.

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