(Function) additional menu options. what's the name of this?​


Internet is very important in this modern age, Internet was used in war in 1940's, and the internet in that time was just like data packeting, a straight secure line (communicating device) directed to the satellite. So After many yrs. Internet had improve from data packeting to LTE (Long Term Evolution) or 4G. And now its the main source of knowledge, medicines, jobs and etc.
they are just being insecure For jamill

Ang tawag sa mga katagang iyon ay top-level domain (TLD).

Lani Mercado Revilla


Ang mga hamong kinakaharap nya ay ang droga at nalampasan nya ito sa mga tulong ng mga pulis at tinawag nila itong "OPLANGTOKHANG"

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advantages areOt can help to our assignmentsIt can help us to communicate It can help us to our every day lifeDisadvantagesSites that flashes on your screensPlaying on line gamesEx...Read More
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