What legal or local guidelines apply to the Microsoft Challenge?


Here are few examples:

- environmental or terrain damage

- people death or injury

- economics damage due no taxes

- possible pollution

- inefficient resources management  

The government should create a plan in demolishing scams. They can form a body or task force just for spotting scams that causes mostly financial damages.



You do not have access to every templates especially if you are just using the free canva.Sometimes the pre-made templates in canva are too large or too small that when you post it some parts are blocked or it can't be posted because it is too smallADVANTAGESCanva is user-friendly because it is easy to navigate.It provides a lot of templates even if you are using the free offer.You can make your own or customize your own designs in canva.

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What is software product?

Kind of software

Free online image editor



Take care in using facilities & equipmentOnly use equipment you already know how to use Be alert & aware of the training areaIn performing exercises & movement in general, practice good form firstBring back all equipment in place after use

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