In what year did the ict use in travel and hotel bookings?


Information ofcourse because thats the file where you can get instructions about your computer especially operating on it.

this generational  list of intel processors  attempts to present all of  intel's  processors  from the pioneering  4-bit  4004  (1971) to the present high-end offerings, which include the 64-bit  itanium 2  (2002),  intel core i9, and  xeon  e3 and e5 series processors (2015). concise technical data is given for each product.

    [hide]  1latest desktop and mobile processors for consumers1.18th generation core/coffee lake/kaby lake refresh1.1.1desktop1.1.2mobile1.27th generation core/kaby lake/skylake-x/apollo lake1.2.1desktop1.2.2mobile2all processors2.1the 4-bit processors2.1.1intel 40042.2the 8-bit processors2.2.180082.2.280802.2.380852.3microcontrollers2.3.1intel 80482.3.2intel 80512.3.3intel 801512.3.4intel 802512.3.5mcs-96 family2.4the bit-slice processor2.4.13000 family2.5the 16-bit processors: mcs-86 family2.5.180862.5.280882.5.3801862.5.4801882.5.5802862.632-bit processors: the non-x86 microprocessors2.6.1iapx 4322.6.2i960 a.k.a. 809602.6.3i860 a.k.a. 808602.6.4xscale2.732-bit processors: the 80386 range2.7.180386dx2.7.280386sx2.7.3803762.7.480386sl2.7.580386ex2.832-bit processors: the 80486 range2.8.180486dx2.8.280486sx2.8.380486dx22.8.480486sl2.8.580486dx42.932-bit processors: p5 microarchitecture2.9.1original pentium2.9.2pentium with mmx technology2.1032-bit processors: p6/pentium m microarchitecture2.10.1pentium pro2.10.2pentium ii2.10.3celeron (pentium ii-based)2.10.4pentium iii2.10.5pentium ii and iii xeon2.10.6celeron (pentium iii coppermine-based)2.10.7pentium iii tualatin-based2.10.8celeron (pentium iii tualatin-based)2.10.9pentium m2.10.10celeron m2.10.11intel core2.10.12dual-core xeon lv2.1132-bit processors: netburst microarchitecture2.11.1pentium 42.11.2xeon2.11.3mobile pentium 4-m2.11.4pentium 4 ee2.11.5pentium 4e2.1264-bit processors: ia-642.12.1itanium2.12.2itanium 22.1364-bit processors: intel 64 – netburst microarchitecture2.13.1pentium 4f2.13.2pentium d2.13.3pentium extreme edition2.13.4xeon2.1464-bit processors: intel 64 – core microarchitecture2.14.1intel core 22.14.2intel pentium dual-core2.14.3celeron2.14.4celeron m2.1564-bit processors: intel 64 – nehalem microarchitecture2.15.1intel pentium2.15.2core i32.15.3core i52.15.4core i72.15.5xeon2.1664-bit processors: intel 64 – sandy bridge / ivy bridge microarchitecture2.16.1celeron2.16.2pentium2.16.3core i32.16.4core i52.16.5core i72.1764-bit processors: intel 64 – haswell microarchitecture2.1864-bit processors: intel 64 – broadwell microarchitecture2.18.1core i32.18.2core i52.18.3core i72.1964-bit processors: intel 64 – skylake microarchitecture2.19.1core i32.19.2core i52.19.3core i72.2064-bit processors: intel 64 – kaby lake microarchitecture2.2164-bit processors: intel 64 – coffee lake microarchitecture2.2264-bit processors: intel 64 – cannonlake microarchitecture2.23intel tera-scale2.24intel 805xx product codes2.25intel 806xx product codes3see also4references5external links

1998 does the ict came



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