Wha do you think will happen to the roots
if the tissues that make them up were injured or diseased


the whole part will get difficult to function well

The roots adapt


The tissues of the roots which are the tissues that absorbs, the dermal tissue. If the system fails then the absorbtion of water and minerals needed for the plant to survive will end. But the roots are replaceable or should I say renewable. Just like a cut down "Malunggay" plant, several other stems sprout and grow on the surface of the stomp eventually.

the root will no more work


because the tissue make up the roots so the whole root will not work any more

that my next que$tion for my $cience

Our body will not perform properly or for instance you may die.

It's either the roots will fight the disease ot it will die

It will die or it will fight / reconstruct the broken tissue

ell is the basic function and structure of life

group of cells make up tissues

group of tissues make up organs

organs make up organ systems and organ systems make up an organism

so if ever the cells, tissues or any of these malfunction, then it may cause the death of the organism

same issue for the plants

if they're tissues are not cured then eventually, that particular plant will die

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There's a high possibility that the plant will not grow nor thrive, or it may die.
The roots will suffer and it may cause malfunction to reproduction of plants

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