Which sobatomic particles are located in the nucleus of an atom?


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Difference Between Defibrinated and Heparinized BloodDefibrinated BloodDefibrinated blood is a whole blood without the component fibrin.Blood is collected in a bottle containing small glass beads.Blood is collected in this bottle with constant manual agitation to aid in the process of defibrination.

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Heparinized BloodIt is a whole blood sample treated with heparin.Heparin prevents blood from clotting by blocking the usage of thrombin and fibrin.Heparinized blood is used for blood gas analysis.

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Similarities of Defibrinated and Heparinized Blood

They are both used as whole blood sample in the medical laboratory.They are both products of fibrin inhibition.

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There are three major subatomic particles that's make up an atom(Protons,electrons and neutrons). Protons and neutrons are located inside the nucleus while the electron is located outside the nucleus.

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