What is the function of a laboratory tripod?


He developed a flask that has a flat bottom with a tapered neck. The mouth, or opening, is used for pouring solutions and may be closed with a stopper in order to store samples. These flasksare useful for mixing solutions for chemical reactions, or can be used for drying and vacuuming chemical product to remove water.

For safety purposes


Imagine if we use the wrong type of lab appratus for a specific chemical, then there would be an error in the experiment (human error) due to problems, for example, not getting the exact measurement for the chemical


Here are a few essentials that every biotechnology lab must have:Autoclave. Autoclaves are commonly found in laboratories and are used for sterilizing and disinfecting equipment. ...Microcentrifuges. ...Microcentrifuge Tube Racks. ...Centrifuge Tubes. ...Water Bath. ...Incubators. ...Cryo Tubes. ...Petri Dish.

2. You should always know your lab equipment well before you do any type of experiment because without the proper knowledge of your equipment you will not know how to use your materials or how to correct a mistake that you could make with your equipment.


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The main usage is to support or hold the flasks and beakers during experiments.

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