What is the molar mass of na2co3?​


It is essential to the processes of transcription and translation since nucleotide base pairings corresponds to a certain amino acids. these amino acids will form protein molecules. proteins and rna are the final results coded by the dna. some dna sequences do not code for rna yet are still important in gene expression. protein synthesis is the basis of expression of hereditary traits/characteristics in both structure and form.
menthane - fuels to power our vehicles
ethane - used in manufacturing products like plastic
propene - used for production of important chemicals like propylene oxide
butane - fuel in lighters,cooking and also for heating
pentane - organic solvents and cleaner
hexane - easily evaporated solvents and used as cleaning agent
heptane - used to dissolve an oil spot to show the previous presence of organic compound
octane - used to rate the quality of gasoline compound
Molar mass of Na2CO3 is 105.9884 g/mol Copy to clipboard
Compound name is sodium carbonate

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