When FePO4 AND NaSO4 is mixed to produce Fe2(SO4)3 and NaPO4, the reaction produced 58 g of Fe2(SO4)3. How efficient is the reaction given that the predicted amount of Fe2(SO4)3 is 75 g?


We balanced chemical equation based on the law of conservation of mass which states that whatever is the mass of the product it should be equal to the mass of reactant

To balanced the equation we should supply it with the coefficient but it should be in a whole number

  coefficent  1   6    2    3

1  N2O2+  6_HCL➡️  2_NOCL3+  3_H2

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it is a spontaneous process

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Which will cause an increase in the reaction rate between molecules?

Molecules collide more frequently

Increase in kinetic energy causes the reaction rate to increase since it needs less energy (activation) for effective collision which facilitate chemical reaction. Collision theory states that the more the molecules effectively collide, the more faster the collision.

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The answer is D. Ethane

Saturated hydrocarbons are those containing only single bonds between carbon atoms.

Ethane is composed of 2 carbon atoms and 6 hydrogen atoms having the chemical formula of C2H6

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